Saturday, 26 August 2017

Setting the tone

And on the Friday of Eurohash week all the Hares (including Slush Puppie, Cardinal "The Sweeper" Munk, OVH and myself) went out to set those respective trails in the Areas of Semmering, Hainburg, the Lobau, Gablitz and eventually south of Vienna, the Baden Area (though no run actually was leading through that town).

Our glorious run number eight (aptly titled as "Easy Does It") was leading from Pfaffstätten to Mödling, all the way through the extensive vineyards and lots of forest area. Another hot summer day (and we had and still have plenty of them!) ensured that we would lose the occasional kilogram to make space for the loads of Ottakringer Beer over the weekend,

Curiosity forced me over to pick up my goodie bag and to see and hear the Apples Band play again after a long time, as they performedon our weekend events in 2002 (1000th run in Langschlag, Lower Austria) and 2003 (No Sarz on Marz, Burgenland).

In the evening it was time fir the event to be officially opened and I was impressed by the sheer size of the venue (Ankerbrot Expedit Hall in Viennas 10th district) where beer and wine were flowing in abundance. I liked the Ottakringer Pils Beer. What was a bit less impressive was (as has been discussed on that social Media platfomr) that the (delicious) food was served from one end of the hall only which inevitably cause massive waiting lines. Yet, on the other hand, former member of the Worlds Worst Saw Hua who now resides in Malaysia chatted me up all the half an hour way to the food stall, a pleasure I could not too often enjoy while she ran still with us here in Vienna. After dinner of course there was the much anticipated Song Contest (how could I forget that?). 5 Hash Chapters participated and the Sembach H3 were the glorious winners with their following contribution. Magnificent indeed, as all the other contributions.

Not wanting to be affected by excessive drinking, I took off in time to be ready for those Saturday festivities. To be continued with run reports ASAP.


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Picking it up

I am admitting that the summer break took a little longer than I had planned and, amongst udder things, included an act of definite self-destruction as a best man at a friends wedding in form of countless beers and their infamous companions , those creepy Gin-Tonics until the wee hours. Happened to the best of us I know and kept me sober afterwards for more than a week.  Meaning that I won't do it again, until the next time of course. Here is some topic-related literature that is worth reading, also in book-form. 

Eurohash came and went. My own impression was that the whole event was impressive. Read a very interesting review here. From what I could read at respective group on that social media platform, opinions of our regarded visitors were mostly and overall very positive. I hasten to add that I have not been part of the organizing comittee but acted as one of the Hares on Run # 8, out there a little bit south of Vienna running A to B from Pfaffstätten (they sure grow lovely wines and are a village of a renowned Winefest every year in August) to Mödling, Goldene Stiege.

More of that later.

My Eurohash experience started off at Karlsplatz at the start point for the Red Dress run and when I walked over to the place after work one could see that lovely red colour shining joyfully, impressing a few very attentive law enforcement servants who drove their mobiles very close nearby, although everything had been orderly registered by Ralph, the King (aka King Ralph).

The aim (KR's aim) was to send the participants off in groups of 50 so that the Gösser Beerinsel at the lower end of the Prater Hauptallee could be reached by all casually in time for dinner. Yet and obviously the cool Ottakringer Beer fired the runners up so in less than half an hour all those who wanted to run took off. Naturally much later came a few lost souls along, wearing all red, asking the whereabouts of start and trail. I never really found out what happened to them. My evering concluded in the Schweizerhaus, accompanied by Likk'mm, My Pint of View, Äugele from a German Hash Chapter somewhere in the Pfalz and the old faithful Cardinal Munk, OVH.

I see red!

Pic taken by Mícheál Ó Caoinleáin before the Red Dress run ‎

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Eurohash revisited

With the heady week of Eurohash behind us I try to sort my impressions - very subjective of course - and the incidents and accidents of all this into a series of the next few blog posts. At the end of next week after a short holiday in Austrias most western province of Vorarlberg.

My sympathy goes out to the injured ones Fruit Manager (got hurt on our run # 8 . the best one of course ;-) and Bronco Buster (broken fibula on another run). Have a speedy recovery. It was an honour to host all several hundred of you as guests to Eurohash 2017. To be continued.

Fruit Machine being rescued on Trail # 8

Marie Tamponette

Monday, 3 July 2017

All will be revealed

Eurohash week is upon us and it started in style to-night with run # 1900 up at the Cobenzl carpark, venue of many a memorable run in the history of the World's Worst. One run that I try to forget without success is the one Sunday one year during wintertime when all of Vienna plus neighbouring regions were up there to Ski/Sleighride/get drunk/any other reason, apart from 20 Hashers. This caused of course a massive traffic congestion with the nearest parking space for S.Energys and my former Hashmobile about 2 kilometres away from the start of the run. Well, when we arrived per pedes at long last we realized that apart from the carkey we forget our wallet, driving license etc. at home. And the icing - pun intended here - was that the beer froze in the old Hash Down Down Mugs. I am not kidding you.

Yet snowfall in July in Vindobona is still a rarity and I must have counted approx 70 Hashers altogether who wanted to start Eurohash week in style. The trail was divided in a runners and a walkers path, with the Hares Casting Couch, Ice queen, Joystick and Slush Puppie. I went on the runners trail and this route was leading down for quite a bit alongside the Höhenstrasse (look up the interesting history of this road here and here). A few faces from another Hashing life I recognised in Higgins (from long gone Hashing days in Paris), Saw Hua (we know who she is) and Loping Scrotum from the Copenhagen Hash (who came down to our run # 1000 in Langschlag in 2002). I quickly learned that the runners group was a bit more dedicated than the average Vindobonian pack, accordingly I had to puff puff my way back to the tail end of the runners group to gain a little speed in the runs second half.

Crossing the Höhenstrasse the forest trail was leading in a steep way uphill towards the Kahlenberg from where it was on downhill again, still long running stretches. After arriving back at the Carpark and having grabbed the Hash Beer of Eurohash week Boney M. (Frau Doktor) approached me with the question "say, are we back already? Because I thot that this would be just the beerstop!". At the circle there were strange memories brought forward concerning former VH3 GM Monsoon Drain (from very many years ago). Apparently in 1991 he organised an event and left the country/had to leave Ostrich country before the actual date of the event. It seems that St. Norman, OVH and a few more had to save that run # 500 weekend. On after at the Cobenzl restaurant.

The booze container for Eurohash week

According to my reliable sources this container is a little too well filled for the surface and its feet are slowly sinking into the soft tarmac underneath. A second beer truck has been ordered to the party venue to help lighten the precious load. And, be absolutely careful where you take a seat.


Friday, 30 June 2017


Eurohash minus 7 days. Ok that's enough, no more counting down the days. An interesting venue to run is the Seeschlacht area, which signifies a recreational site a bit outside and northwest of Vienna in the city of Langenzersdorf, location of the former parental home both to Casting Couch as well as Kuty Pi. The Seeschlacht is another lake that offers good swimming, yet in comparison to No Mercy Mistress' Pool (that run comes up in July) or the Figurteich has lots more mosquitos waiting to nibble on sweaty Hashers (after the run and before and after the swim naturally).

Casting Couch, partly assisted by the Great Kuntini has set a long run starting off towards the green and yellowish fields (it is very dry in Vindobona these days) towards the Danube river and that stretch along the main bike path next to the water might have lasted for three kilometres (?). In all case the length of that part of the run was sufficient to separate the 5 or 6 runners, me right amongst them, from the 20 or so walkers. A few sly Checkpoints and direction changes could not fool anyone as to the left these was the mighty river floating by and to the right we had to Motorway A 22 (Donauuferautobahn) which a certain no-no in terms of turning off.

After a longer while and taking an underpass it was on off to - of course railway lines! - and Gottseidank no one fell or got run over by a train (though an angry Engine driver could be heard honking his horn). At the start of the run there were no Hares and Prof.Dr.Dr. Felch, OVH promised that "there would be a beer stop". Needless to say that there was no beer stop - Alternative Facts here! - and running back through a part of Bisamberg and a much longer part of Langenzersdorf took us all back to the carpark. The very first visitor of Eurohash (ha!) came by which was our good friend Herpes, coming all the way from Jakarta.

A circle with cold beer and the swim in the lake - water temperature 26 degrees Celsius already! - and the On After at a nearby Würstelstand. And that were the first 6 months of the year.

Are we all having a good time?


Sunday, 25 June 2017

To burn off the crazy

12 more days until Eurohash (and I will finally stop counting down the days ;-)  This summers first definitve heat wave has been lingering over the city for 2 weeks now. In a bit of a rush I tried to sneak in a substitute location for the traditional run in the area of the Figurteich (roadworks on the way, my dear readers) by setting a short run in Biedermannsdorf, another smallish suburb south of Vienna. The aim was to get a little bit of exercise (but not too much) at outside temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius and on the other hand to take advantage of Richard Kopf's (OVH) absence. You know, great RA and everything, yet always on the verge of letting the circles go on forever. And the kitchen at the On After, the fine Bikers Heurigen Holzgruber, closed at 9 p.m.

Batman forever! RIP Adam West

All said and done, a little to and fro within Biedermannsdorf ("Excuse us, what is this white stuff that you're throwing down here? What? Flour? I know the bag sez so, but it seemed to us that you were marking our building site! Ah ok, might as well continue!")  Every Hasher who has set runs in the past must have been asked these crucial questions in one form or another.  There is this nice short stretch alongside forest and a stream that fitted in just fine and after running by the picturesque trainstation of Laxenburg-Biedermannsdorf (in terms of looking a bit shabby)  it was already on back to where the run started from (Running time approx 50 minutes). The walkers and the latecomers (Lord Glo-Balls, OVH) easily caught up in time. The enjoyable Heurigen scenery rounded up another hot day. And, talking about Adam West, this is my favourite scene of him starring Batman. Amongst very many others of course.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Does the moon really care?

Same number of days til Eurohash (still 16). Wednesday last week saw me invited to come along as a Cohare by Casting Couch and Se* Energy to help set a Full Moon run (I know, less important than the World's Worst but still) in Vindobonas 23rd district. A bit of an old chestnut but always worth coming back to (check out last years blog post), apart from a bit of light jogging around the block is coming back to Mimis Stüberl, a Gasthaus unlike most others and well worth a comparison to our own Hash House, the Gösser Bierinsel and the great Grüß-Di-A-Gott Wirt. After a short run and a well conducted circle by R and A Ice Queen and Slush Puppie, OVH it was on over to the meeting place for the owners of their lonely Hearts, spiced up by the unimitable laugh og Mimi herself. Certainly not a tourist place with agreeable food and Puntigamer on tap.